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One of the more frequently asked questions from beginners in oil painting is: How do I get Started? How do you know which color you should choose to paint the exterior of your dwelling? You have to consider the colors that are around your house that will remain the same, such as the trees, the roof, your neighbor’s houses and the surrounding area. You want to select a color that will complement your home and everything around it but not clash with it. But you do not want to be boring or unoriginal. It can be a fine line you walk when it comes to making a decision about the color for your exterior painting. You might want to look for suggestions from other family members or friends before you hire a painting company.

An Italian movement in art and literature catalyzed by a 1909 manifesto published in a newspaper by Italian poet F. T. Marinetti. The text celebrated new technology and modernization while advocating for a violent and decisive break from the past. Working in the years just before World War I, the Futurists portrayed their subjects—often humans, machines, and vehicles in motion—with fragmented forms and surfaces that evoke the energy and dynamism of urban life in the early 20th century.

Le Tableau feels like Toy Story if it had been directed by Terrence Malick in an Italian opera that was written by William Shakespeare. It’s so profound and moving that your heart fills to the brim with adoration and marvel. Jean-François Laguionie and co-writer Anik Leray treat the viewers with respect, never being fearful to ask the tough questions and not play us as if we’re all adolescents. The Painting challenges the inner-child in all of us to grow up. The depiction of Venice alone with orange, yellows and the brightest colors you can think of is one of the finest creations of the year.

The works of art you will explore in this course may also serve as points of departure to make your own abstract paintings. You may choose to participate in the studio exercises, for which you are invited to post images of your own paintings to the discussion boards, or you may choose to complete the course through its quizzes and written assessments only. Learners who wish to participate in the optional studio exercises may need to purchase art supplies. A list of suggested materials is included in the first module. Learning Objectives: Learn about the materials, techniques, and approaches of seven New York School artists who made abstract paintings. Trace the development of each artist’s work and studio practice in relation to broader cultural, intellectual, and historical contexts in the decades after World War II. Hone your visual analysis skills. Use each artist’s works as a point of departure for making your own abstract paintings.

An interior painting service already has all the supplies that are needed for painting homes, so you do not have to worry about leaving your house to search for supplies. Painting companies carry top-quality, professional painting supplies in all kinds of styles and colors, so they have something for everyone. They also have the tools that are needed for painting projects.

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