Digital painting is the latest art form that originated from some of the more conventional painting methods including watercolor, oil, and impasto paintings. If you want to paint stucco the best paints to use are acrylic based paints. Don’t use oil-based paints because they have a tendency to interfere with the way the paint actually works and dries on stucco. Not only does the paint not remain on the material but the oils in the paint are not good for the material. Acrylic paint is the best option for painting stucco and it should be the only consideration. There are plenty of colors for you to choose from. The best colors of paint that look the most attractive on stucco are the earthy tones. Colors like beige, tan, peach, and sand look the most attractive on this material. However, you can paint a stucco house any color you prefer.

Think of viewpoints and of composition and of pure design and let the painting evolve from that initial concept. There are so many subjects around us that we should never be stuck for something to paint and even when artistic crisis strikes, we should be able to see the beauty of all that is in sight and enjoy it.

Modern artists have extended the practice of painting considerably to include, as one example, collage , which began with Cubism and is not painting in the strict sense. Some modern painters incorporate different materials such as metal, plastic, sand , cement , straw , leaves or wood for their texture Examples of this are the works of Jean Dubuffet and Anselm Kiefer There is a growing community of artists who use computers to “paint” color onto a digital “canvas” using programs such as Adobe Photoshop , Corel Painter , and many others. These images can be printed onto traditional canvas if required.

The process of portrait painting with the use of watercolor needs time, effort and patience of an artist. The first thing he will do is to prepare the materials like water, a variety of paints and an absorbent paper. It is necessary to draw the detail and the outline of the subject with the use of painting(putting a direct watercolor paint will likely be useless). After the completion of the draft, it is the time that the artist will cover the outline of the subject by using a watercolor paint. An artist has to be careful and patient to create a quality and lovely painting.

Observing people is the best way to learn the right proportions. I always look for the light falling on a figure and I use that to create form. Look for the shadows on people and use light values next to dark values. Try not to paint stick figures, notice how people stand and walk and the angle created with shoulders and hips.

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