The articles discusses tips for exterior painting preparation. 3. Now let’s move on to painting your aluminum Venetian blinds. It is best done outside, since it involves using spray paint which could spray and damage surrounding objects. If you decide to paint the blinds inside, always take some precautions, that is properly protect your floors, walls and furniture. Before adding the paint you will need to add a bonding primer. The primer especially designed for metal will allow the paint to stick to your metal blind surface and also cover any existing stains. Apply the primer on each slat of the blind and make sure to cover entire surface equally. The primer will have to be left to dry (for about an hour) when you can apply it to the other side of the blind.

Acrylic paints can be diluted with water, but are water-resistant when dry. Depending on how much the paint is diluted with water, the finished painting can resemble a watercolor or even an oil painting. To get a watercolor effect, dilute just a small amount of paint into the water. Mix it well and you have created a whole new medium to paint with.

Junior Megan Reed poses next to her painting featured in SKIN at the LA Municipal Art Gallery. It offers keen insights into Hitch’s craft while painting an intimate and unsentimental picture of the man behind the camera. Art Institute of Chicago, A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, Jun 1-Nov 1, 1933, cat. 666, pl. 92.

Does your home look like it needs a drastic makeover? You do not need to spend several thousand dollars to rejuvenate your little paradise. With the help of a few paint cans, brushes and unique painting techniques, you will be able to refresh your home in no time. Let’s get ready to transform your home into a thing of beauty.

The entire canvas should be vertically painted by a layer of gypsum and the entire system should be left for about 30 minutes. Then using a course sand-paper, one is supposed to sand the surface. Now the second layer of gypsum is applied, but in a horizontal way. The sanding technique is repeated after the gypsum gets dried. The painting-sanding technique is repeated on a personal choice -till the time one thinks, the canvas surface has become smooth enough. In case of wood or Maisonette, required sealing and priming should be done.

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