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Before starting exterior painting you need to manage with all preparatory works. This print of 23 cm x 17 cm (9″ x 7″) in size was made from a copperplate engraving. “The Ancient of Days” was actually a cover illustration for his book of poems ‘Europe, a Prophecy,’ which Blake published in 1794. William Blake claimed to have created this alluring image based on a vision he had over a staircase while he was living in Lambeth. It may not seem that there is an obvious connection between the print and its title, however, its a known fact that in his prophecies, Prophet Daniel referred to God as “The ancient of Days.” Blake made the print with intricate detail and hand painted it using deep vibrant watercolors.

Now that your walls and skirting board are prepared it is important that you have ventilation in the room that you are going to painted. Although many paints that are now out claim to be odour free they still carry some fumes, which is why you should open any doors and windows. You also need to move all of your furniture to the centre of your room and cover them with dust sheets.

I first started Custom Painting Inc in 1982. Through the decades we have become one of the bay areas leading residential and commercial painters. We are known for our quality and professional workmanship. We start and finish our jobs on schedule. My father taught me at a young age that being on time is the most important thing in a personal and working world. I have instilled this quality in my employee’s, that getting to the job or to your appointment on time is very important.

Formed in 1911 in Munich as an association of painters and an exhibiting society led by Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. Using a visual vocabulary of abstract forms and prismatic colors, Blaue Reiter artists explored the spiritual values of art as a counter to what they saw as the corruption and materialism of their age. The name, meaning blue rider,” refers to a key motif in Kandinsky’s work: the horse and rider. The group, which published an influential almanac by the same name, dissolved with the onset of World War I.

Because of different instruments, materials and cultural background, Chinese paintings have their own image and content in comparison to other types of paintings. Unique appearance of Chinese Painting owes much to the use of the Chinese writing brush and the Chinese paper (rice and silk). There are four essential elements used in the creation of Chinese Painting, the brush, ink, paper, and the ink stone. Lacking any of them the job cannot be done.

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