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A growing number of homeowners are taking a different path from the usual plain walls. The first thing we do is to clean and remove any loose and flaking or damaged paint plus any dirt that remains on the hull – sounds easy if you say it quick but it must be done! If necessary (and most times it is) degrease the hull using a proprietary paint degreaser after removing all dust preferably with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget it won’t be absolutely necessary to get all the hull back to bare wood just dry, clean, grease and dust free.

If you are tired of the usual satin, eggshell and flat finishes, opt for textured paints and elevate the look of your home. You can buy them from local home improvement stores of your area. Usually, a gallon of branded textured paint is available for $30-$40. The price may change depending on your choice and availability of the paint color. Even spray paint cans are available in different color options and textures.

Paint is a liquid mixture of pigment and a binding agent such as oil or water. A painting is created on a two-dimensional surface (ground); a wall painting or fresco is also considered to be a painting. Oil, acrylic, and watercolor are some of the most common types of paint used today.

If you do not want to commit to a textured paint, you can opt for additives and add drama to the walls of your home. You can mix additives to the usual paint cans and create textures according to your liking. A 6 oz. paint additive mix is sufficient for a gallon of paint. You can use the additive for giving textures to a wide range of surfaces including wood, brick, drywall, plaster and concrete. It usually costs around $5 per packet.

Art however is not about the artist’s intention; it is about the receiver’s application of their own meaning. Every decade that goes by, there will be new meanings applied to an artist’s works depending on the events of the age in which they are viewed. Warhol’s works could today be viewed as an expose on the condition of our throw away lifestyle. This could even be said about Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Painting.

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